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contact Bateman Learning Inc, Jerry Bateman, CLU, ChFC - insurance continuing educationBateman Learning Inc along with its partners provide online continuing education nationwide for insurance and financial advisors, Insurance PreLicensing, PreLicensing Exam Prep, and Securities Exam Prep nationwide. Bateman Learning Inc is the parent company of MyCEonline through which it provides insurance continuing education (CE).

We believe that the climb to success in any business requires immersion in the attributes of Aspiration, Education, Clarity, Confidence, and Achievement. Immersion is the state of being deeply engaged or involved in an activity. In our case, those activities are the preparations needed to secure a successful career in the insurance business. These preparations take time and commitment. Let’s explore more closely.

Aspiration is the act of wanting to accomplish an ambition, dream, or goal. Aspiration is the beginning motivation. Education is the development of your powers of reasoning and judgment, the learning to know, and the learning to do. Clarity is the path to confidence, namely, clearness of understanding, desire for accuracy, and ultimately the transparency or unambiguousness of the process. Confidence comes from knowing that you know, and that provides courage, determination, and poise to pursue the business. Lastly, Achievement comes from continuous creation, determined performance, and ongoing success.

The attributes of the process are not static, but all happening simultaneously - a never-ending journey that you must dedicate yourself to for the long haul. Bateman Learning Inc. will provide three elements: (1) the best prelicensing courses, (2) the best continuing education courses, and (3) a seasoned insurance professional, Jerry Bateman, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, with more than forty-years of experience. Jerry is available to provide “free coaching” to anyone who emails or calls with questions relating to their career or any other industry issue.

Jerry Bateman is experienced in the field of insurance continuing education as well as the financial services industry. He has worked in the financial services industry since 1976. His experience spans several insurance disciplines such as personal and business life insurance planning, long term care insurance, financial planning and ten years as a company representative involved in employee benefits. All of these experiences have lead him to public speaking, seminars, workshops and teaching continuing education to insurance and financial advisors for the last Twenty years. Additionally, he works with business owners and individuals in need of business and personal insurance advice, and welcomes your calls and questions.

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