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Professional Development Courses

8 Online Courses to Help you Succeed

professional development courses to help you succeed

...Education, Clarity, Confidence, Achievement

  • Building a Professional Image
  • Building Business Relationships
  • Managing the Social Security Maze
  • Introduction to Relationship Building
  • Targeting your Market
  • Effective Business Cards
  • Work and Event with Ease
  • Follow-Up is Golden

Building a Professional Image
(What you Say Before you Speak)

The impression you make begins before you say a word. Learn the art of impression management, so you know how to determine what impression you want to make and how to look and act to get that reaction.

Building Business Relationships Series
(Special Price for All 5 Courses)

5 part series certificate program. These courses teach you how to build business relationships, target your market, set goals, create and use business cards effectively, work an event, and how to follow up.

Managing the
Social Security Maze

Get the most out of your Social Security retirement. This course takes a look at Social Security, the Medicare Program, Social Security Disability, the Supplemental Security Income program and Medicaid eligibility.

Introduction to Relationship Building

People like to do business with and hire people they know and trust. This course teaches you how to be “the” one who gets the sale or the job and how to create, develop and maintain relationships with the right people.

Targeting Your Market

This course will help you complete your personal relationship-building plan and help guarantee that the networking process works for you. Learn to target your market and set goals.

Effective Business Cards

Your initial words in any face-to-face networking interchange are so important... This course leads you through the process of creating your Verbal Business Card... Your Printed Business Card also plays a crucial role.

Work an Event with Ease

There’s so much more to working an event than just showing up. This course details what to do from start to finish, giving you the framework to adapt to your style so you can succeed much more easily.

Follow Up is Golden...

Learn what to do AFTER the event - from recording business cards info for your database to follow-up methods from email, handwritten notes, e-zines or newsletters, telephone calls, business meals and referrals.

Course Prices Ranging from $40 to $129

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